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Passionate about our planet and its inhabitants, I devote my energies to intercultural communication and global understanding through my work as a project manager. Be it through facilitating tech translations in the localization world, or through encouraging experiential education experiences for all ages through study abroad or adventure travel, I strive to bring people together for a better world.

Here are a few things that make me tick:


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Intercultural exchange and adventure travel

Intercultural exchange and travel open peoples' hearts and minds. My work facilitating university and high school level academic exchanges has been some of the most rewarding of all of the project management roles I've held. Every traveler touches those he or she encounters along the path - the more we understand our neighbors and have empathy for "the other," the better the world will be.

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I've spent 13 years of my life living and working in France - over multiple long-term stays since 1986. Most recently I lived in Paris from 2014 to 2017. I'm a native US English speaker, with a professional-level grasp of the French language, both written and spoken. I understand the French culture deeply and always enjoy bridging cultures and sharing my unique world vision with others.

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Nature and the environment

Environmental issues are something that drives me more and more after becoming a scuba diver and traveling the planet only to discover the ways in which humans are hurting ecosystems and destroying species at an alarming rate. So many factors are at play - greenhouse gasses, ocean acidification, plastic pollution, over-fishing. Using my project management skills to help find solutions and raise awareness is a focus of mine.