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Kim Hempstead
Hempstead International, LLC

So many words to describe who I am and what I do. So many ways I can help your company to achieve your QA and organizational goals.

First and foremost, I help companies proofread and verify their software and websites as a Quality Assurance Tester.

Freelance Project Management and Administrative services come naturally to me after decades working as a PM in many industries, primarily in localization and international education.

Hire me to help your business or organization pursue best practices in Quality Assurance Testing, or to get you through a busy crunch time with project coordination, events planning, and other office administration help.



Software and web QA testing

I’ve been testing software and websites since 2006 working on diverse projects from large clients (Google, Adobe) to small start-ups. I offer a wide variety of testing and quality assurance services: Functional QA testing, usability testing, device and browser testing, and localization and internationalization testing. I’m available to work with your company remotely or on-site in Boulder, Colorado.

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Project Management

Project Management has been at the core of my professional experience over the last 20+ years - I’m at ease managing budgets, logistics, human resources, and schedules. I now offer freelance project management and coordination services to help your company or organization during a crunch time, for special events, seasonal work, or as a temporary replacement for your regular staff.

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