Quality Assurance Testing for software and websites

Helping your company or organization define and achieve quality standards through QA verification, bug reporting, and coordination with your production teams. Think of it as a mix of proofreading and testing all functions of your website or software - an essential step both before you go to market, and along the way as you introduce updates.

I specialize in localization testing, verifying that your internationalized products display the correct languages, have the appropriate regional settings (decimal separators, metric/imperial), and function properly with localized hardware (keyboards) and software (web browsers).


Manual Exploratory


Identifying bugs and defects
Reporting and regressing fixes

Functional Testing
Usability Testing


Coordination with your production team to define and execute your testing plan

Localization Testing (L10n)
Linguistic Testing (French)


Verifying your internationalized content to identify inconsistencies and to assure proper cultural adaptations (dates, currencies, punctuation)


Working with your production team, and establishing a testing strategy after looking at your analytics, you likely will want to test in very specific environments in order to assure that your users will have a quality experience on the hardware and browsers they use most frequently.

Device Testing  Verification of your content on hardware and devices: Tablets, smartphones, cameras, smarthome devices, medical devices, smart watches, screensharing devices

Device Testing

Verification of your content on hardware and devices:

Tablets, smartphones, cameras, smart home devices, medical devices, smart watches, screen sharing devices


Browser testing

Verification of your website across browsers:

Firefox, Chrome, Bing, Safari, Internet Explorer


Throughout your development process, and before release of new versions of your software or website, it can be essential to verify that everything is functioning as expected. Just like proofreading and editing a document it can be invaluable to have an additional set of eyes to make sure your product is ready for market. I test from the approach of a typical user - my perspective allows me to identify bugs and defects that your designers and developers might not have considered.

Since 2006, I’ve been helping companies meet their quality assurance standards on their software and website products. From a small structure (start-ups) and basic exploratory testing, to working on a large team for an agency on a multi-month project with a set test plan, I am able to jump in and help you identify bugs before your product or beta versions are released to the public. Maintenance testing and customer support testing are typical follow up services I provide once I know your products well.

In addition to general QA, I specialize in localization testing (multi-lingual and multi-cultural content). I can help your company with your internationalization projects with linguistic and functional QA, but also with project management and coordination between your production teams and linguists or language service providers.


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